Dr. Jane Goldner instantly connects with her audience. She provides practical, nuts and bolts practices that they can use the very next day. Over 30 years of business experience, both inside and outside of organizations, provides Jane with content-rich, real-life stories and entertaining presentations. The result is always top-notch ratings. Depending upon your needs, her presentations can be customized from 20 minutes to several hours with varying levels of interaction. Jane focuses on what is important to the audience and their companies.

For Women Driven to Success:

  • You Can Have YOUR All

    Women can’t have it all! Women can have it all! Can women have it all?

    The real question is “What is ‘it all’?” One woman’s having it all is not necessarily the role model for all other women. Each woman needs to figure out her own center—her core—to determine what having it all means to her.

    There is more to success than understanding corporate politics and learning the requisite skills to move up the leadership hierarchy. Yes, you do need to understand and develop those skills, but until you focus on yourself as a whole person, you won’t reach having your all. In today’s world of overscheduled, Everything-to-Everybody women, we need to get a grip and figure out for ourselves when we can say, “I’m enough.” Dr. Jane Goldner speaks from not only her own story but also the stories of fourteen other successful women. Learn the roadmap to successfully figuring out YOUR all so you can lead with purpose, passion and power. (This presentation is also available as a workshop.)

  • Leading with Purpose, Passion & Power: The Essential Toolkit

    Studies over the years have pinpointed some critical skills that women need to master in order to effectively lead. It is a skill set that moves them from being everything to everybody to making good choices, from reactive to proactive. In this engaging and interactive session, Dr. Jane Goldner presents the essential toolkit for success. Learn about creating a personal and professional support system, effective delegation, developing mentors and sponsors, the importance of networking, and the indispensable skills of negotiation and constructive confrontation. (This presentation is also available as a workshop to further develop these skills.)

  • Leading at the Strategic Level

    As more women are focused on reaching senior level leadership and the C-Suite, strategic leadership becomes more imperative for success. Many leadership development initiatives focus on leading self and leading others but not on the third level of effective leadership, leading at the strategic level. Dr. Jane Goldner’s presentation makes it easy to understand the 10 checkpoints that need to be aligned to successfully lead at the third level. It is based on her book, Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Achieving High Performance in Business. (This presentation is also available as a workshop.)

New: For Women and Men Leaders in Your Company

  • Forget Work/Life Balance…It’s Role Integration

    It is a myth that there are major differences between how women and men desire and navigate “work and life,” especially for Gen X and Millennial men. The key, however, is not work-life balance, which implies a 50/50 lifestyle. In fact, in today’s 24/7 digitally connected world, lean organizations, and tightly scheduled children, work-life balance is a fantasy. It sets up unrealistic expectations, and when those expectations aren’t met, our self-esteem and sense of adequacy are affected, not to mention job performance. What can individuals do to juggle all their multiple roles so that they can fulfill their wish to have a life outside of work? What can companies do to help these talented leaders better integrate their multiple roles? For individuals, role integration allows them to lead with purpose, passion and power. For companies, the solutions provide a competitive edge.

  • Why Can’t We All Get Along? The Secrets to Maximizing the Performance of Multiple Generations

    Geezers, Geeks and In-betweeners. Never before have there been so many generations in the workplace with such different motivations and work styles. How do you maximize the contributions of the Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and the Millennials, all at the same time? The Baby Boom bosses don’t understand the tech-savvy Millennials. The Gen Xers think the Millennials are lazy and lack planning skills. Gen Xers don’t understand the need for “face time.” The Millennials don’t believe in planning and think the Boomers are “old school”. What is a leader to do to get full engagement?

    Help is on the way.


    » The different motivations of each generation

    » Work styles and perspectives

    » How to leverage the talents of each one

    » The universal motivators that work for all generations…every time

  • The War for Talent: Build It & They Will Come

    The difference between companies who win and those that also ran comes down to executing on a few fundamentals. According to a Brookings Institute study,60% of all new jobs require skills possessed by 20% of the workforce. Companies are pursuing these talented people. How are you preparing to win the talent war? Attracting and retaining talented people takes building the right culture for your business so that they want to come, stay and contribute to high performance results. Learn how to become known as THE place to work. This highly engaging presentation is taken from Dr. Jane Goldner’s book, Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Achieving High Performance in Business. (This presentation is also available as a workshop.)

  • Everyone Needs to LEADER UP

    The new normal of lean organizations demands that everyone in the company become a leader. It may be that you formally lead others or you are an individual contributor who is a leader in your own job. Either way, you need to LEADER UP! Dr. Jane Goldner uses the checkpoints in her book, Driven to Success: A 10-Point Checkup for Driving High Performance in Business to show you how to apply the practices to your own career success.